Integration in the community

The country research demonstrates that a failure to grant legal status and protection to those released from detention or who cannot be removed, succeeds only in driving them into destitution, isolation, and long-term suffering. People must be granted the right to a basic and dignified standard of life. Essential to this, is providing a facilitated route to naturalisation for those people recognised as stateless. Many examples emerged from the research of men, women and children living in limbo, denied their rights and an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Governments have a duty to act to ensure that the rights and protections of stateless people or those at risk of statelessness are recognised, and that they are provided with opportunities to rebuild their lives, integrate into their communities, and access a facilitated route to naturalisation.

All those at risk of statelessness should have their rights fully protected pending a proper and diligent determination of their status. Stateless persons should be granted legal status and related rights, including the right to work, study, social security, and healthcare:

  • Authorities should grant compensation to individuals whose detention has been deemed unlawful.
  • Authorities should protect those released from detention from re-detention and grant them legal status in accordance with their rights.
  • Stateless people and those at risk of statelessness should be provided with the basic rights and freedoms to facilitate their integration in the community.
  • Nationality laws should provide a facilitated route to naturalisation for people recognised as stateless